Improve Your Recycling

Buy and use recharge batteries and then recycle them! Batteries contain mercury, a hazardous liquid that can contaminate the soil, thus should be collected in special bins!

Use a cloth bag or a net when you go shopping. Say no to those who insist giving you plastic bags for your shopping!

Avoid buying things with unnecessary packaging! You can get more of everything in your bin that way!

Minimize the volume of the waste you dispose to the bin!

Wash the containers with some water to remove the remains and let it dry!

Put the straws in the recycling bin! If put in the residual bin they can cause problem in the treatment process

Put ear sticks in the recycling bin! If put in the residual bin they can cause problem in the treatment process

Biodegradable bags are recycled, put them in the grey bin!

Used tissues and toil paper should not enter the blue bin!

Keep food leftovers out of the recycling bin!

Keep the lid of the recycling bin closed to protect recyclables from rain!

Cooked oil if not collected by the competent authority, should be saved in plastic bottles or jars and disposed in the green bin!

Keep materials separated, not one inside another!

Throw recyclables into the bin without using bags! If so keep bags no tightly tied, it makes sorting easier!

The economy and fluorescent lamps should not be broken. When they stop working, throw them carefully in the appropriate collection points or deliver them to the shop where you will buy the new ones. These bulbs contain mercury which is very dangerous for your health.

In the yellow containers throw only packaging glass bottles, vases, jars. Keep, window glass, and mirrors out of the recycling bin, it makes sorting difficult and dangerous to workers!

Feed your animals with leftovers instead of throwing them in the green bin!

Whenever you’re not sure what you can recycle, look on our social platform for more information!

Reduce: Buy less packaging, avoid buying materials that you will dispose!
Reuse: Use more than once your materials when possible! For example use your plastic bottle of water more than once before you dispose it!
Recycle: Dispose materials to the appropriate collection container (blue, yellow, brown, green) and keep materials separated.